About Our School

Welcome to the L.D. Batchelder School

Home of the Batchelder School Bulldogs

At the Batchelder School we share a love of learning and experience. Together we explore concepts to better define our strengths as students and as individuals. The adults and students everyday at "The Batch" embrace our school goals of working hard and being successful. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our web site, our window to share our accomplishments with you!

Batchelder School Goals... are as easy as A. B. C.

A - Achievement

A result gained by effort. Everyday the adults and students within our community are faced with challenges that require effort. It is through our effort and perseverance that we all can achieve our goals.

B - Bulldog Pride

The true characteristic of being a "Batch Bulldog"... We take great pride in our learning, our community, and our friends and classmates. Every decision we make should reflect our best effort to better our community and ourselves.

C - Community

The adults and students of the Batchelder School share an interest in learning. We are committed to one another to ensure that we hold the values of our goals as important and worthwhile. Our community revolves around the best for our students and their growth and development.

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