L.D. Batchelder Parent's Association

What is the BPO, you ask? BPO stands for Batchelder Parent’s Organization. It is a VOLUNTEER, parent-run, nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity whose primary objective is to “enhance the student experience.” If you’re a parent and/or guardian of a student at the Batchelder School, then YOU are a voting member of the BPO and can make a difference in our community! Check out our website to learn more....  batchparent.wixsite.com/batchparentorg  

If you can not attend a meeting but want to be involved, follow us on Facebook & Twitter. And simply reach out via email:batchparent@gmail.com

Nicole Gamer  


Amber O'Driscoll 


Rebecca LoweSecretary
Nikki PalmaccioTreasurer
Deb SharpEnrichment Coordinator