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Options for School Meals During School Closure Period
North Reading Public Schools Food Service Program
The North Reading Public Schools has partnered with Chartwells Dining Services to deliver a high quality breakfast and lunch program to the students in North Reading. Nutritious meals are the foundation of any healthy eating plan and the school breakfast and lunch meals remain the cornerstone of all school based child nutrition programs. It is the position of Chartwells School Dining Services that we become active participants in fostering healthy school environments in the communities we serve. Creating a healthy school environment involves the collaboration of many, including Administrators, Parents, and School Dining Managers. At Chartwells, we take this responsibility very seriously and aim to be an integral part of the wellness solution.
Chartwells employs more food and nutrition specialists serving the academic community than any other food service company. All of our recipes, menus and nutrition programs are designed by a network of Registered Dietitians and professional Chefs. This team provides local support for every school district we serve. With our Eat. Learn. Live. philosophy, we truly incorporate a strong foundation for healthy lifestyles into every aspect of our food service program. 
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