The North Reading Public Schools Visual Arts Department strives to maintain a highly enriching and rewarding studio art experience for all of our students. We will teach our students to understand and respect the artwork of others: both historic and contemporary. We strive to share the success of our students with the school and the community through physical and electronic exhibitions. Our shared vision is to continuously improve upon and evolve the instruction we provide to our students; through reflection, collaboration, and professional development.  

The members of the Art Department have Identified the following as the strengths of the Art Department

  • Funding: materials
  • Art specific space/studios
  • Technology availability
  • Teamwork/supportive colleagues
  • Teachers use their own art as inspiration for their teaching
  • Showcasing  of student work
  • Strong delineated curriculum
  • Teachers are very knowledgeable in content
  • We celebrate and cultivate individual student needs and abilities



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Tara Atsalis Teacher ext. 5300
Brett Kunze Teacher ext. 5333
Andrew Dexter Teacher ext. 5308