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2021-22 Grade Level Overviews

The NRPS 1:1 Learning Program continues moving into the 2021-22 school year with a device pick up event planned for August 25th and 26th outside at the MS/HS campus back entrance sidewalk area (Large Parking Lot Side-Near The High School Gym Entrance) for 3rd and 4th grade students.  Parents of 3rd and 4th Grade students should have received an email with a link to sign up for a collection slot.

 Elementary Grade Level Roll-outs 
Grade 2Will be receiving devices with their classroom teachers. These devices are staying at the school. Parents will be emailed form links to complete and students will be bringing home device information sheets with them on the first day of school. Parents should review the links shared with them during the first week of school and complete the device sign off and review the recommended device insurancePlease Review The 1:1 Program Overview:
Grades 3 & 4Students in grades 3 & 4 will be receiving new devices at this event and they will be able to take these devices to and from school with them as advised by their teacher. The NRPS Digital Learning Team will be available to provide assistance with the device, help students learn about the 1:1 program and log into their device. Please review the important links below.Please Review The 1:1 Program Overview:
Acceleration ProgramStudents participating in the Acceleration Program at the Batchelder School will be recieving those devices at the program.Devices provided at the Batchelder School.
                             Middle School Students 
Grade 6 Students will be receiving their devices back on the first day of school in their homeroom classes. 
Grade 7 & 8These students should plan on bringing their devices fully charged to school on the first day.  
                                 High School Students 
Grade 11Juniors will be provided devices in August at collection opportunities and at the start of the school year. This group will have a new insurance policy. 
Grade 10Sophomores have a new insurance policy needed for their Chromebooks. 
Grades 9 & 12These students should be taking care of their devices and currently should have them in their possession. 

Link to this page:  for future reference.

Chromebook Issues